About Egypt Tours Club

About Us

About Us

Tours are a way to reinvigorate your passion for life. This is what we believe in. And we started our own Tours Club for this. We’re a team of professional guides who’re passionate about travel. And to provide you with a unique experience that you can take away with you.

Egypt Tours Club is a passion project for us as we wanted to do something different from the rest. We wanted to provide unique Egypt tours to everyone who loves to travel. Our club was formed in 2014 when our core members decided to leave big-named companies in order to provide you with unique experiences.

We’re basically a bunch of friends with each having a vast experience in the traveling industry. We’re trained to provide you with the best tours under the guidance of an experienced GM. You can be a history lover, art lover or a travel lover. We’ll make sure that your Egypt tours are not only memorable but also mesmerizing.

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