• From 6 to 15th Nov Special Tour Package for Mr Alexis Group

    Ordered Tour Packages
    Availability: Everyday
    Departure Time : 01:00 PM
  • Special Tour Package including Dahabeya Nile Cruise and Siwa Oasis adventures.

  • Departure & Return Location

    Cairo international Airport

  • Departure Time At 01:00 PM
  • Pricing Includes

    ✔ -  Assistance Navigating Airports

    -   Private Transportation to all Locations & Airports

    - 9 Nights in a 5 stars hotel/ Dahabeya Cruise

    - entrance fee to the mentioned sights in the program.

    -private qualified guide 

    - food and beverage according to the itinerary.

    - flight ticket Cairo/ Luxor/ Aswan/ Cairo

  • Pricing Excludes

    - International Airfare

    - Visiting the Great Pyramid from Inside, Visiting the Royal Hall of Mummies, Visiting Tut Ankh Amen's Tomb

    - Any Extra Attractions Not Listed

    - Any Private Expenses

    - Tips

    - Optional Tours

  • What To Expect

    - Visiting the Giza Attractions (Pyramids of Giza, Sphinx, Saqqara necropolis and Memphis)

    - Visiting Alexandria attractions  ( The Catacombs, Bombay Pillar and temple, Quitbaey Fortress)

    - Traveling to Siwa for 3 Days and 2 Nights to explore the sunst Oasis.
    - Enjoy Dahabeya Nile Cruise from Luxor to Aswan for 5 days and 4 Nights and visiting the attractions according the program

    - Visiting Luxor Attractions ( Karnak, luxor, Hatshibsut temples, the valley of Kings, Memnon Clossi)

    - Visiting Aswan attractions ( Philea temple, the High Dam, the Unfinished obelisk)

    - Visiting Cairo attractions ( Old Coptic and Islamic Cairo, Khan El Khalili, and the national Museum mosque)


Once you arrive at the Cairo Airport, your tour guide will be waiting for you outside the arrival terminal. They will have a board with your name on it. Once you meet with your tour guide, they will take you to your hotel where you'll have the rest of the day to relax.

  • Overnight in a  5 stars Hotel in Cairo.
  • Breakfast will be served in the hotel
  • Lunch will be served during the tour.

Optional tours:

  • Sound and Light Show.
  • Dinner Cruise

After breakfast you will be taken by your tour guide to Giza to explore the highlights of the city.

Saqqara Complex

Your first stop will be at the Sakkara Necropolis. Here you'll see the Six Steps Pyramid Complex, the main entrance of the Necropolis, the Pyramid of King Teti, and more!

Afterwards, you'll head to one of our favorite local restaurants where you'll get your first taste of our cuisine.

Cheops Pyramid

Your first visit will be to the Pyramid of King Cheops, the Greatest Pyramid and one of the seven ancient wonders of the world.  You'll be guided around the Pyramid of Cheops, and your guide will take you to see the 3 small Pyramids of the King Cheops complex.

Please remember, if you'd like to enter the Great Pyramid of Cheops, this will be an additional fee which you'll need to pay for at the entrance of the pyramid. Your tour guide will be more than happy to assist you with purchasing these tickets.

Panorama View Stop

Once you get your lovely up close and personal moments with the Pyramids, you'll be taken to the highest point to oversee the three Pyramids of Giza and have a panoramic view of the city. It is a wonderful spot for pictures!

Once here, there is an optional camel ride for an additional fee.

Sphinx and the Temple of The Valley

Just when you think it can't get any better, you'll be taken into the valley where you'll get up close and personal with the Sphinx and the Valley Temple!

You'll be taken back to your hotel after your visit.

  • Overnight in in a 5 stars Hotel in Cairo
  • Breakfast will be served in the Hotel
  • Lunch will be served in During the tour

Optional tours:

  • Memphis Museum Tour.
  • Sound and Light Show.
  • Dinner Cruise

According to the flight details, you will check out and meet with your guide to transfer you to Cairo airport to take your plane to Luxor, upon arriving to Luxor airport you will be taken to visit the below sights and transfer to your Hotel in Luxor for overnight:

The Karnak Temple Complex

Commonly known as Karnak, this complex comprises a vast mix of decayed temples, pylons, chapels, and other buildings. This is the oldest complex in Egypt and is a highlight for many visiting Luxor.

Luxor Temple:

The Luxor Temple is a large Ancient Egyptian temple complex located on the east bank of the Nile River in the city today known as Luxor and was constructed approximately 1400 BCE. In the Egyptian language it was known as ipet resyt, "the southern sanctuary".

  • Overnight in in a 5 stars Hotel in Luxor
  • Breakfast will be served in the Hotel
  • Lunch will be served in During the tour

Optional tours:

  • Karnak Temple sound and Light Show, 
  • Hot Air BallonDinner 

according to the arranged pickup time, you will be picked up to visit the below sights and then back to the hotel for overnight.

The  Valley of The Kings

Your first stop will be to the Valley of The Kings. Here, you'll be able to visit three tombs from the inside. The Valley of The Kings is the funerary complex of the Ancient Egyptians hidden in the mountains between the low limestone hills of Gurna. The Valley holds 63 registered tombs with three more tombs being recently discovered.

Please note that tickets to visit Tutankhamen's tombs are not included in this tour. You can purchase them when you arrive to the tomb. Your tour guide will be more than happy to assist you with purchasing these tickets.

The Mortuary Temple of the Queen Hatshepsut

Your next stop will be to the Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut. This is the only temple in Egypt build in a terrace formation into the cliff face. Hatshepsut was a famous female pharaoh who wore a false beard and all the trappings of a male pharaoh in order to claim the throne for herself.

Visiting the Colossi of Memnon

After your visit to the Mortuary, you'll see the statues of Memnon. These are the only remaining statues from the Mortuary Temple of Amenhotep III showing the pharaoh sitting on his throne.

  • Overnight in a  5 stars hotel in Luxor
    Optional Tours: Hot air balloon

Check-out, transfer to Esna from where will start the Dahebeya Nile Cruise. after breakfast in the hotel, your guide will be waiting for you to pick you up and transfer you to Esna Port, from where you will start your Nile Cruise :

After you've boarded the Dahabiya and the anchor is lifted, the vessel will glide silently along the Nile. The first stop is 15km away at El-Kab. This was once a glorious city, but is now a city of ruins which has a reasonably intact city wall. It was one of the oldest settlements of Upper Egypt and dedicated to Nekhbet, the white vulture goddess who was the embodiment of Hathor. This site was a religious centre that dates from the pre-Dynastic period. After you've had a chance to look around, you'll return to the vessel and your Nile cruise will continue. We will moor overnight on a small island in the middle of the Nile.

Overnight on Dahebeya board based on Bed, Breakfast and Dinner

Edfu Temple Visit:

After breakfast we sail to Edfu, the Dahabiya crew will drop anchor and you'll visit the best preserved cult temple in Egypt — here we are still in the area of the Sacral chakra where you will connect with your hidden emotions. The majestic temple of Horus, built in honour of this falcon headed God— his temple is just as impressive as Karnak temple in Luxor.

 After the temple visit you'll continue sailing towards the town of Wadi El Shat where you'll walk through the countryside and tropical gardens. At days end you'll spend a relaxing evening onboard your Dahabiya.

Overnight on Dahebeya board based on Bed, Breakfast and Dinner

After breakfast the Dahabiya will set sail along the Nile once more. You will relax on deck as the vessel glides silently along while you watch workers tending their fields as they have done for centuries.

Then our vessel will moor at 'Gebel El Silsila' and the of Temple of Pharaoh Horemheb. You can also visit the ancient stone quarry where colossal stones were cut for the temple of Karnak. Upon your return to your vessel the crew will have prepared for you lunch on delights. After lunch while you relax once more

 the crew will set sail to our next destination —one of the highlights of this Nile cruise —the majestic double Temples of Horus and Sobek at Kom Ombo. Upon our return to the vessel you will be enchanted — in your absence the crew will have prepared for you a candlelight dinner on an island in the middle of the Nile.

Overnight on Dahebeya board based on Bed, Breakfast and Dinner

After breakfast it's time to set sail and head towards the town of Daraw which is famous for its camel market. The Dahabiya will dock at El Koubania where you can meet the Nubians and find out more about their way of life. Stroll through the town's dusty streets which lead you to the colourful and lively souks.

At days end you'll spend the night onboard.

Overnight on Dahebeya board based on Bed, Breakfast and Dinner

There's only a short distance left to sail until the vessel reaches Aswan. Once we dock you will be saying farewell to your captain and his crew.

We will start our tour in Aswan which is a major city along the Nile— it is considered the Root Chakra. The main god of Aswan is Khnum, the ram-headed god — the god of creation who sits at the potter's wheel as he forms individuals out of clay. When visiting Aswan, many people experience what is described as ‘a re-birth.’

:Visiting Philea temple

The Philea Temple was built during the reign of Ptolemy II. The Temple of Isis at Philae is dedicated to Isis, Osiris, and Horus. The walls of the temple contain scenes from Egyptian Mythology of Isis bringing Osiris back to life, giving birth to Horus, and mummifying Osiris after his death.

Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel is two massive rock-cut temples in the village of Abu Simbel. They are situated on the Western Bank of lake Nasser, about 230 km southwest of Aswan.

then you will be taken to Aswan Airport to take the flight to Cairo for the overnigh

  • Overnight in a  5 stars Hotel in Cairo.
  • Breakfast will be served in the hotel

Optional Tour to Visit the Nubian Village

Nubian Villages are situated at the bottom of Elephantine Island. When visiting a village, you'll discover the simple and natural life of the very kind and hospitable Nubian.

*(Optional visit to the Nubian Village)

According to your flight details, you'll be taken to the Cairo Airport three hours before your flight time. Your tour guide will help you check in and wish you well on your onward travels.


Double Shared Room

$ 2550.00

Per Peson
  • Adult 2 Person
  • Age ( 0 - 1 ) : 1 Person
  • Age ( 2 - 5 ) : 1 Person
  • Age ( 6 - 11 ) : 1 Person