• Ultimate Egyptian Tour - 15 Days

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    Departure Time : 11:00 AM
  • This is the ultimate tour of Egypt! You'll travel all across the country seeing all of the wonders and many highlights. You'll spend 15 nights exploring, discovering, and enjoying your travels. This tour has something for everyone. Looking for your next profile picture? We know the best places for a photoshoot. Wanting to learn more about Egypt's rich history? Our certified Egyptologists will answer all your questions. Wanting to relax and enjoy the sights? We will take you to Egypt's most popular resort. Join us for a 15 day unforgettable trip!

  • Departure & Return Location

    Cairo International Airport

  • Departure Time At 11:00 AM
  • Pricing Includes

    - Assistance Navigating Airports

    - Private Transportation to all Locations

    - 14 Nights of Accommodations

    - Entrance Fees & Tickets to the Listed Attractions

    - Private Tours Except on the Cruise

    - Flight tickets from Luxor to Cairo and return flight ticket from Cairo to Sharm El Sheikh

    - Meals as Mentioned

    - Private & Qualified Egyptologist Tour Guide

    - All Taxes

  • Pricing Excludes

    ✖ International Airfare

    ✖ Any Extra Attractions Not Listed

    ✖ Any Private Expenses

    ✖ Tips

    ✖ Drinks

    ✖ Optional Tours

  • What To Expect

    This tour is designed to cover all sightseeing locations in Egypt. You'll travel from Cairo to Aswan and Luxor via a Nile Cruise. You'll explore Coptic Churches, Mosques, and Citadels. You'll see the beauty of Alexandria and relax at a Sharm El Sheikh resort. 

    • Visiting the Pyramids of Giza, Sphinx, Memphis and Sakkara
    • Nile Cruise from Aswan to Luxor, Visiting the Valley of Kings, Temples in Luxor, High Dam, Philea, Komombo and Edfu temples
    • Overnight in Bahariya Oasis
    • 3 Nights in Sharm El Sheikh Resort
    • Alexandria Day Tour
    • Old Islamic and Coptic Cairo Tour
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    Price After Discount
    Single Room
    Double Room
    507625%3800 $
    Triple Room
    473425%3550 $

    • Down Payment 35% of the total amount. the rest will be collected upon arrival to Cairo.
    • Hotel Category 5 stars  Hotel


Once you arrive at the Cairo Airport, your tour guide will be waiting for you outside the arrival terminal. They will have a board with your name on it. Once you meet with your tour guide, they will take you to your hotel where you'll have the rest of the day to relax.

Overnight in Cairo Hotel

Optional Tours:

  • Cairo Highlight
  • Cairo by Night
  • Dinner Cruise
  • Pyramids Sound and Light Show.

After breakfast you will be taken by your tour guide to Giza to explore the highlights of the city.

Saqqara Complex

Your first stop will be at the Sakkara Necropolis. Here you'll see the Six Steps Pyramid Complex, the main entrance of the Necropolis, the Pyramid of King Teti, and more!

Afterwards, you'll head to one of our favorite local restaurants where you'll get your first taste of our cuisine.

Pyramids of Giza

After your lunch, you'll have a quick stop at the Papyrus Institute to learn about the world's first paper.

After this stop, you'll head to the Great Pyramids of Giza. Here, you'll have a three hour guided tour with three main stops. Please note that you can visit the inside of the Great Pyramid of Cheops, however you'll need to purchase tickets on the spot. This is NOT included in this tour price, but your tour guide will be more than happy to help you purchase these tickets.

Wrapping up this awesome day, you'll stop at the Oils Salon to learn about how the ancients would create various scents. Afterwards, you'll be taken back to your hotel.

  • Overnight in 5 stars Hotel
  • Lunch will be served during the tour in a local restaurant.
  • Breakfast will be served in the Hotel.

Optional Tours:

  • Pyramids sound and Lights Show.
  • Cairo by Night.
  • Quad Safari in Pyramids Desert.

According to your pick up information, you'll meet your tour guide in the lobby of your hotel to head to Alexandria. At the end of the day, you'll head to the Giza Train Station to catch your overnight train.

The Catacombs

Our first stop is to the Catacombs. Here you'll see a mixture of Greek, Roman, and Ancient Egyptian art. The catacombs consist of three floors. You'll visit the main tomb which still has the carvings, statues, and symbols of the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians.

The Seraphim Temple

Your next stop is to the Third Century Pompey's Pillar. The pillar is 25 meters high made from red Swan granite and is considered to be one of the last remaining relics of the Seraphim Temple.

Constructed in honor of the Emperor Diocletian, it was once a magnificent structure rivaling the Soma and the Cesarean.

Quitbay Citadel

Our next stop takes us to the Quitbay Citadel. After the 11th Century Earthquake, the lighthouse of Alexandria was gone. Instead of rebuilding the lighthouse, the Sultan Qaitbay built the Alexandrian Fortress to protect Egypt's North.

During your tour in Qaitbay Citadel, your tour guide will tell you more about the military monuments and the Lighthouse of Alexandria.

Lunch &  Alexandria Library

Before heading back to Cairo, you'll have a lovely lunch in one of our local restaurants. Before you leave, you do have the option to visit the new and impressive Library of Alexandria.

Please note, the library entrance fee is not included in the price of this tour, however, should you wish to visit your tour guide will be more than happy to help you purchase your tickets.

  • Overnight on Sleeper train.
  • Dinner and breakfast will be served on board
  • Lunch will be served during the tour.

Once you arrive to the Aswan Train Station, your tour guide will be waiting for you. You'll do some sightseeing before heading to check in to your Nile River Cruise. 

The High Dam

The Aswan High Dam is located across the Nile River. It was built in 1970 and cost roughly $1 billion to construct. The Aswan High Dam yields enormous benefits for the Egyptian economy.

Philea Temple

The Philea Temple was built during the reign of Ptolemy II. The Temple of Isis at Philae is dedicated to Isis, Osiris, and Horus. The walls of the temple contain scenes from Egyptian Mythology of Isis bringing Osiris back to life, giving birth to Horus, and mummifying Osiris after his death.


After your tour of Aswan, you'll head to your cruise ship to start your cruise down the Nile!

Overnight in a Luxury Nile Cruise

Optional Tour - Nubian Village

Nubian Villages are situated at the bottom of Elephantine Island. You are going to discover the simple and natural life of the very kind and hospitable Nubian.

  • Overnight in a 5 stars  Nile Cruise
  • Breakfast, Lunch and dinner will be served onboard

Your cruise will set sail at 2:00pm where you'll head down the beautiful Nile River. Around 8:00pm, you'll stop at one of the best temples in Egypt.

Kom Ombo Temple  

The Kom Ombo Temple is a gorgeous structure which is perfectly symmetrical along the main axis of the temple. There are twin entrances, two linked hypostyle halls with carvings of the two Gods on either side, and twin sanctuaries. 

It is assumed that there were two priesthoods at this temple. The left (western) side of the temple was dedicated to the God Harris, and the right (eastern) was dedicated to Sobek.

  • Overnight on 5 Star Luxury Cruise
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will be served onboard.
  • Optional tour to (Abu Simbel temples) Early Morning Tour.

Since the cruise doesn't set sail until 2:00pm, you'll have the option to visit Abu Simbel.

Optional Tour - Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel is two massive rock-cut temples in the village of Abu Simbel. They are situated on the Western Bank of lake Nasser, about 230 km southwest of Aswan.

This morning, you'll visit Edfu Temple before continuing down the Nile towards Luxor.

Edfu Temple

Edfu Temple is located on the West Bank of the Nile. You'll have a nice tour around the temple before heading back to the cruise for your breakfast and your trip to Luxor.

Once you arrive in Luxor, you'll be transferred to the Karnak Temple Complex.

The Karnak Temple Complex

Commonly known as Karnak, this complex comprises a vast mix of decayed temples, pylons, chapels, and other buildings. This is the oldest complex in Egypt and is a highlight for many visiting Luxor.

  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will be served on board.
  • Evening Galabia party.
  • Optional tour (Karnak temples Sound and Light Show)

Once you're back on land your tour guide will take you on a jam packed day in Luxor.

The  Valley of The Kings

Your first stop will be to the Valley of The Kings. Here, you'll be able to visit three tombs from the inside. The Valley of The Kings is the funerary complex of the Ancient Egyptians hidden in the mountains between the low limestone hills of Gurna. The Valley holds 63 registered tombs with three more tombs being recently discovered.

Please note that tickets to visit Tutankhamen's tombs are not included in this tour. You can purchase them when you arrive to the tomb. Your tour guide will be more than happy to assist you with purchasing these tickets.

The Mortuary Temple of the Queen Hatshepsut

Your next stop will be to the Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut. This is the only temple in Egypt build in a terrace formation into the cliff face. Hatshepsut was a famous female pharaoh who wore a false beard and all the trappings of a male pharaoh in order to claim the throne for herself.

Visiting the Colossi of Memnon

After your visit to the Mortuary, you'll see the statues of Memnon. These are the only remaining statues from the Mortuary Temple of Amenhotep III showing the pharaoh sitting on his throne.

According to your flight details, you'll check out and be transferred to the Luxor Airport. Here, you'll take your flight back to Cairo where you'll spend the night.

  • Breakfast will be served on board. 

After your breakfast, your tour guide will meet you in the lobby of your hotel to start your tour in Cairo.

Visiting the Old Coptic Cairo

During your tour of Coptic Cairo, you'll visit three important churches. One is where Jesus Christ lived when he was two years old with Mary and Joseph. You'll also visit the cave where the Holy Family lived nearly 2,000 years ago.

You'll also visit the Hanging Church which was built on the base of the Tower of Babylon Fortress. You'll also get to visit a Greek Church called St. George Church and finally the Ben Ezra Synagogue.

Saladin Citadel

Next, you'll visit the Saladin Citadel where you'll visit the Alabaster Mosque, Qalwoan Mosque, and enjoy the wonderful view of the city from the Citadel.

Khan El Khalili Bazaar

At the end of your tour you can enjoy a walking  tour in Khan El Khalili Bazaar where you can buy your gifts for your friends and families. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet and see local Egyptians at work.

After you've explored Cairo, your tour guide will take you to the Cairo Airport to get your flight to Sharm El Sheikh.

  • Overnight in 5 stars Hotel in Sharm El Sheikh
  • Breakfast will be served in the Hotel
  • Lunch will be served in a local restaurant.

This is your free day to relax by the pool or swim in the sea.

  • Overnight in Sharm El Sheikh Hotel
  • Breakfast and Dinner will be served in the Hotel.

Optional Tour: Ras Mohamed National Park Snorkeling

This tour is similar to the Tiran Island optional tour, with the only difference being that this tour goes into the Gas Mohamed National Park and not to Tiran Island.

Optional Tour: Tiran Island By Boat

Start your day at 8:00am where you'll head to the port to sail your way to Tiran Island. Once on the island you can enjoy snorkeling, sunbathing, swimming, and so on.

Today is your day to relax and enjoy your stay in Sharm El Sheikh. Of course, if you'd like to do another optional tour this day, speak to your tour guide. They will be more than happy to assist you with booking another optional tour.

  • Overnight in Sharm El Sheikh Hotel
  • Breakfast and Dinner will be served in the Hotel.

Optional Tours

  • Ras Muhammed National park Tour by van.
  • Boat tour to the Whit Island and Ras Muhammed or Tiran Island.
  • St Catherine Monastery Day tour.
  • Jeep Safari to Dahab and Blue Hall.
  • Swimming with Dolphins and Dolphins Show

Have another wonderful day relaxing in Sharm El Sheikh. Of course, you can always take an optional tour. Speak with your tour guide and they will be happy to help you purchase tickets.

  • Overnight in Sharm El Sheikh Hotel
  • Breakfast and Dinner will be served in the Hotel.

Optional Tours

  • Ras Muhammed National park Tour by van.
  • Boat tour to the Whit Island and Ras Muhammed or Tiran Island.
  • St Catherine Monastery Day tour.
  • Jeep Safari to Dahab and Blue Hall.
  • Swimming with Dolphins and Dolphins Show

After breakfast you'll check out of your Sharm El Sheik hotel and head to the airport for your flight back to Cairo.

Once you're back in Cairo, your tour guide will meet you and take you to your hotel. You'll have a free evening in Cairo.

  • Overnight in Cairo Hotel
  • Breakfast will be served on board.

Optional tours:

  • Dinner Cruise
  • Cairo by Night
  • Museums Tours.

You'll have an early start this morning as your tour guide will meet you at your Cairo hotel to begin your journey to Bahariya Oasis. This is located 350km East of Cairo and will take approximately four hours. Once you arrive, you'll have lunch in a local restaurant.

Valley of the Golden Mummies

After lunch, you'll stop at the Valley of the Golden Mummies which is a huge burial site. The site is located in the Western Desert of Egypt along with the Tomb of Bannantiu in Bahariya Oasis.

Black Mountain Hike

Next, you'll head to the Black Mountains for a hike. This is a wonderful hike as you'll see the English House, sand dunes, and the Salt Lake.

You'll spend the night camping in Bahariya.

This morning, you and your tour guide will continue the drive to the White Desert. This is a wonderful drive as you enjoy a gorgeous panoramic view of the Black and White Deserts.

Crystal Mountain

You'll then head to Crystal Mountain where you'll see massive and impressive quartz crystals and rocky formations. You'll travel into the Valley of Agabat before driving back to Cairo.

According to your flight details, you'll be taken to the Cairo Airport three hours before your flight time. Your tour guide will help you check in and wish you well on your onward travels.


Triple Room

$ 3550.00

Per Peson
  • Adult 3 Person
  • Age ( 0 - 1 ) : 1 Person
  • Age ( 2 - 5 ) : 1 Person
  • Age ( 6 - 11 ) : 1 Person

Double Room

$ 3800.00

Per Peson
  • Adult 2 Person
  • Age ( 0 - 1 ) : 1 Person
  • Age ( 2 - 5 ) : 1 Person
  • Age ( 6 - 11 ) : 1 Person

Single Room

$ 4200.00

Per Peson
  • Adult 1 Person
  • Age ( 0 - 1 ) : 1 Person
  • Age ( 2 - 5 ) : 1 Person
  • Age ( 6 - 11 ) : 1 Person