10 Egypt Tours Club Packages For Your Holiday

10 Egypt Tours Club Packages For Your Holiday
25 Oct 2022

10 Egypt Tours Club Packages For Your Holiday

At Egypt Tours Club we pride ourselves on planning, guiding, and executing travel packages in Egypt that are like none other. When you are on one of our tours, you'll see the wonders of Egypt, the culture of its people, and learn its ancient history. The Egypt Tours Club Packages team works diligently to ensure that all guests leave their tour feeling like they've walked in the footsteps of the pharaohs, and that their tour was exactly what they were expecting. 

When you book an Egypt Tours Club package you automatically have a peace of mind knowing that you are in capable hands. All our tours include help navigating transportation hubs, a qualified Egyptologist tour guide, transportation to all locations listed in your program, and entrance fees and tickets to listed attractions in your package. There are other great perks that vary depending on the package you select, but know that our team is here to make your dream a reality. 

1) Deluxe Egyptian Adventure - 15 Days

 Join us as we travel around Egypt on our Deluxe Egyptian Adventure for 15 days. You'll travel from Alexandria in the north to Aswan in the South. From Sharm El Sheikh in the East to Bahariya Oasis in the West. You'll see the Pyramids, Valley of the Kings, Tombs, Markets, Mosques, Churches, Synagogues, and so much more. This tour is for those looking to experience Egypt in luxury while having a mix of relaxation and adventure.

This is a luxury Egypt Tours Club Package which includes staying in a 5 star hotel, intercontinental flights, some meals, your private and qualified Egyptologist tour guide, and so much more! 

2) Classic Egypt Tour - 9 Days

Hands down, this is one of our best offers for tour packages! You'll experience the classics of Egypt over the next 9 days. Travel down the Nile on a 5 star cruise, explore the Valley of the Kings and walk in the shadows of the Great Pyramids. You'll have access to expert and top notch tour guides (who are also certified Egyptologists) who will ensure you learn as much as you'd like about the sights you're seeing. This tour is known to book quickly so don't wait!

This tour is one of our classic Egypt Tour Clubs packages and includes accommodations in a 5 star hotel, cruise ship, and sleeper train. It also includes your flight ticket from Luxor to Cairo and your sleeper train ticket from Cairo to Aswan. Don't forget our qualified tour guides will be with you every step of the way. 

3) Egypt Family Tour Package - 11 Days

This Egypt family tour package is a wonderful way to bring families and large groups of friends together on an unforgettable journey. You'll go in-depth into the history of Egypt starting in Cairo and Giza. You'll visit the Pyramids of Giza and visit the Khan El Khalili market before you travel to Aswan to begin a relaxing cruise down the Nile river. This cruise is a 5 star ship and will take you to Kom Ombo Temple and Edfu. 

You'll also have a wonderful free day in the gorgeous beach town of Hurghada. Here you can experience a quad bike tour, snorkeling in the Red Sea, and so much more! This Egypt Tours Club Package is one that families love and that will be great for any and all types of travelers. 

4) Cairo, Luxor and Alexandria - 5 Days

This 5 day tour to Cairo, Luxor, and Alexandria is great for any budget. During these five days you'll explore Cairo and Giza seeing the Great Pyramids, Memphis, Saqqara, and more. Then you'll visit Alexandria where you'll see the Bombay Pillar, the Catacombs, and the Quitbay Fortress. When you visit Luxor, you'll see the awesomeness of the Valley of the Kings, Karnak Temple, and Queen Hatshepsut's Mortuary Temple. 

With this Egypt Tours Club Package, you'll receive private pickup and drop off from airports and hotels, a qualified Egyptologist, entrance fees to the mentioned sites, and more! This package is great for anyone looking to see and do as much as they can in Egypt on a dime. 

5) Nile Cruise From Aswan to Luxor - 4 Days

This breathtaking Nile cruise from Aswan to Luxor has been organized in a perfect way so that you can enjoy the beauty that is the Nile River. You'll watch stunning scenery as your cruise makes it way towards its next destination. Explore the Valley of the Kings, and soak up the luxury on board your 5 star cruise ship. 

Your cruise ship will serve you lunch and dinner throughout your stay, and you can dance the night away at the onboard disco. Relax by the sundeck and swimming pool, or seek out the services of an Egyptologist guide to learn more about the parts of ancient Egypt you are floating by.  

6) Jewels of Egypt - 9 Days

This tour is one of our most popular tours because of how much you see, the luxury travelers experience, and the wonderful balance between relaxation and adventure. A few highlights you'll see on this tour are, the Great Pyramids of Giza, Luxor, Aswan, Alexandria, and so much more. This tour is known to book up fast, so don't wait too much longer!

In this Egypt Tours Club Package, you'll also receive assistance navigating airports, 5 star accommodations, a private and qualified Egyptologist, entrance fees to the listed attractions, some meals, and more. This is a wonderful package for any type of traveler and it is also a wonderful honeymoon package. 

7) Pharaohs & Pyramids - 6 Days

Spend an incredible six days traveling across Egypt. Within those days, you'll see the incredible Pyramids of Giza, Coptic Cairo, ancient Roman and Greek monuments in Alexandria, and the architecture of the temples in Luxor. Let's not forget seeing the Valley of the Kings. This tour is filled with history, culture, and of course fun!

You also experience an Egyptian sleeper train from Cairo to Luxor and complimentary lunch for 4 days. Don't forget that we can help you navigate through all transportation hubs, and your guides are more than happy to assist you as best as they can. 

8) Local Cairo Explorer - 4 Days

This is one of our most popular tours for those looking for a short break or a weekend getaway in Cairo. On this tour, you'll have a private day tour to Memphis, Saqqara, the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Egyptian Museum, Old Coptic Cairo, and so much more. This tour is great for solo travelers, couples, families, and anyone wanting to see all the highlights of Cairo.

There are also wonderful day trips outside of Cairo that you can consider while you plan your trip. Check out our Day Tours From Cairo

9) Legendary Egypt - 11 Days

Step into the wonders of Egypt on our luxury 11 day tour of Legendary Egypt. You'll spend 11 days in pure luxury as you see some of the most important sites in the country. From the Dahshor Pyramids, Saqqara Necropolis, to the Great Pyramids of Giza, and to the Valley of the Kings, you'll experience Egypt in style. Let's not forget about your 5 Star Nile River Cruise from Luxor to Aswan.

This tour has something for everyone, adventure, relaxation, history, culture, food, and so much more. Your private and qualified Egyptologist will take you around Egypt and you'll leave wanting more! 

10) Golden Egypt - 8 Days

Are you ready to spend 8 days and 7 nights exploring one of the world's greatest countries? Walk in the shadow of the pyramids, sail down the Nile, and experience life like a local Egyptian. This tour takes you on an unforgettable adventure from Giza to traveling down the Nile and seeing the country from water. You'll visit Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, Aswan, Edfu, Luxor and see all there is to see! 

Whether you're looking for a wonderful family package or a solo trip, Egypt Tours Club has a package that will fit any need and any budget! 

We can't wait to see you in Egypt!